Tuesday, 23 January 2018

14 Hot New Global Restaurants For 2018

Here are 14 additions to the culinary must-try list for those keen to get in first at the hottest tables around the world.

1. La Rambla, Hong Kong 


2. The Lord Erroll, Nairobi  

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to Plan A Perfect Trip to Paris

Is the marvellous, enchanting, unparalleled city of Paris on your mind for the next vacation? Yet, you are a bit concerned about how to plan a trip? Worry no more; your favourite online travel website TripHobo here is to help you plan a perfect trip

From hotel bookings to the list of topmost restaurants, from your own customised travel itinerary to all details of budget, TripHobo offers it all and that too at zero cost. 

For reaching Paris, the first step to realise your Paris dream, we provide you with details of flight timings, to and fro prices, schedule bookings from a number of reputed international airlines. You can choose from a wide variety of modes of transport to commute in and out of Paris, all carefully arranged into the best travel plan for you which you can edit and customize as per your own wish. Already booked tickets? No worries. Just add them to your plan and we will provide you with exact estimate of your total expected expense.

The next part that might bring you a frown is finding the perfect accommodation. Our online travel website suggests you the best hotels, resorts, homestays or hostels with the best price deals from different reputed international websites, complete with photos, ratings and reviews. In case you have already booked an accommodation of your choice, you can always add it to your plan and keep going!

We will add the most splendid tourist attractions of France to your plan. Yes, we are talking Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, Musée d'Orsay and guess what, you will also get travel time, nearby attractions , restaurants, shops or details of conducted tours to make your Paris trip the most memorable. In case you have some place in mind, you can always add it using our Custom Plans option.  Our “Suggest A Plan” is the best feature if you are one who loves to travel but your busy schedule comes in the way of making a comprehensive great plan.

The travel plan you and us are together making is complete with all details of exact timings ensuring you do not have to waste a single moment of your perfect trip worrying over something we are here to take care of. Our drag and drop feature provides you the ultimate awesome way to create your own perfect plan.

Another most important feature of our site is the trip budget calculator. As you proceed on creating, adding and editing your plan, your budget calculator on the top right hand corner of your screen will adjust accordingly! Impressed already?  There’s more.  You can of course add your own expenses to it for all the shopping or fine dining you wish to indulge in and we will estimate the whole budget accordingly.

To top it all, we have the exciting feature of Group planning where you can add your co-travellers to view, share, edit and modify your plan to get the best for all. The accommodation, transport and all expenses will be automatically aligned for the total number of persons you are including in your trip plan. It is not unlikely that in the end you would be left amazingly surprised at the total estimated budget as we offer the best possible prices while nowhere nearly compromising with any part of your perfect trip to Paris.

Now, TripHobo with all these above features can be accessed from our mobile app also. So your days are over to worry about how to plan a trip. You can now plan on the go with perfection.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Best Places to See in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and is the largest city of the Poland. Warsaw is situated on the Vistula River and is very near to the Carpathian Mountains and the Baltic Sea. Nowadays Warsaw has become one of the famous tourist destinations. Really it is very beautiful place and one can enjoy visiting the famous places over here in Warsaw. I have visited this place once and I saw the real natural beauty of this place. Spring and the autumn are the best season to visit this place, because in these seasons you can enjoy the pleasant weather. Mainly December, January, February and March are the coldest months of this place. One must visit this famous tourist destination to feel the real natural beauty and history of this place. You may plan your holiday with vacation planner for awesome experience.
The Warsaw sightseeing is the main attraction of the tourists. There are many places which are very famous and attract the tourists. The old town is a famous tourist destination and most of the tourists choose this place to start the trip of the Warsaw. There are shops, restaurants, and cafes for the tourists. They can enjoy here to shop and to eat the relish food. Other sights are Royal Park where you can enjoy the music of Chopin in the evening. Tourists can feel relaxed here during the evening with the music.

The best places of Warsaw:
There are so many other best places to see in Warsaw, during your visit to the capital state of Poland.

Lazienki Krolewskie Park- Palace Complex is one of the beautiful parks in Warsaw.

Palace of Culture and Science is another famous place to see in Warsaw and is the tallest building in Poland.
Warsaw Rising Museum is also a famous tourist destination and provides the information to the tourists through different resources like video and photographs.

Warsaw Zoological Garden is the centre of attraction among tourists due to the different species of animals. The brown bears are the main species of attraction in this zoo. These all are some of the famous places to see in Warsaw.

Famous places to visit in Warsaw:
There are so many other famous Warsaw places to visit which attracts the visitors.

Maria Sklodowska- Curie Museum is the most famous places among the visitors and is located in the new town. Around this museum there are many restaurants which provide the relish food.

Golden Terraces Shopping Centre is the centre of attraction due to the shopping market. There is a supermarket from where you can buy the many things.
Kampinos National Park is situated outside the Warsaw and is also the centre of attraction and was created in 1959.

Warsaw Uprising Museum is the best Museum in Poland which provides the multimedia services. These are the best Warsaw places to visit. For more information you can go through the Warsaw travel guide on travel website.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Explore Best Sightseeing

Bahrain is a small island country located on the western shores of Persian Gulf. It is a country of 33 islands and is surrounded by the Gulf countries. There are ample places to see in Bahrain that helps tourism industry to flourish here. From my own experience of vising the country recently, I would love to spot of few important tourist destinations here, for solo females and families to enjoy. You may plan your trip through travel websites for awesome experience.

The main hubs of Bahrain tourism are.

1. Bab Al Bahrain:
Almost all tourists in Bahrain would sooner or later ascertain that life of people revolves round this place and the place literally means Bahrain’s gateway. It was first used for housing government offices and faced the sea and is a monument to depict true Islamic architecture.

2. National Museum:
There are reasons why one should put the national museum in the must-see list. The museum offers a compact cultural tour of Bahrain across ages. The museum is a must places to see in Bahrain as it behaves as a treasure house of their culture.

3. Tree of life:
Our Bahrain sightseeing would not have been complete without taking few s   naps of this broad and shady tree that lies deep in the desert. The tree’s water source is a matter of mystery till today as it stands all alone in the sands.

4. Bahrain fort:
This is one of the historic sites in Bahrain and was built in the 14th century. The fort was used by the Portugues to hide their trade routes between Africa, India and Europe and they used the fort as their military base.
5. Al Areen:
This Bahrain places to visit got us wild and is located on the south of Manama with rare and endangered species in its animal sanctuary.  We were greatly guided by a bus tour in the reserve and a film show on the park.

6. Riffa Fort:

The history of the fort dates back to the year 1812 and offers splendid views of the Hunanaiya valley and has been a sear for the government for few years. It offers a glimpse of the royal life pertaining to the 19th century.

7. Beit Al Jasra:
This heritage museum is known to have built with local materials, it has the best enchantment compartments and one interesting of them to watch is a room where dates were piled up to get ripen.

8. Scuba Diving:

This is a self-contained water breathing apparatus and is a form of an underwater diving and offers the best Bahrain sightseeing of the aquatic life.

9. Bahrain Grand prix:
This is sponsored by the Gulf Air and made the first ever Grand Prix to be help in the middle east in the year 2004. This is a must Bahrain places to visit for all sports freaks.

10. Amusement parks in Bahrain:
There are many water parks, amusement and theme parks in the country to attract kids and families in their holidays and offer them the best relaxation possible.

Though Bahrain is considered a strict and a conservative nation, it does have ample sightseeing options to explore, Find more through Bahrain trip planner.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Travel Updates For Japan - 2017

 1- Festivals and Events for April 2017 in Japan
April in Japan sees spring in full swing with cherry blossoms at their peak in early April through-out central Japan. Early April is usually the best time to see the cherry blossoms in both Tokyo and Kyoto.

Japan is truly beautiful at this time of the year with warm weather and blue skies. It is generally a good time to travel in Japan with quite a few traditional cultural festivals and events happening around the country at this time of the year.

Source: http://japantraveladvice.com/festivals-events-april-2017-japan/

2- Visiting Japan In May? Enjoy The Kanda Festival In Tokyo!

This is the Kanda festival, a festival centered around Kanda Myojin, a shrine in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. This happens to be one of the three biggest festivals in Japan alongside the Gion festival in Kyoto and the Tenjin festival in Osaka.

The Kanda Festival is held at Kanda Shrine, which is located in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo. Along with the Gion Festival in Kyoto and the Tenjin Festival in Osaka, this is one of the three biggest festivals in Japan.

Source: https://matcha-jp.com/en/3969

3- The Beauty of Japan-

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Knd-3v7Ekl0

4- Japan Travel Attractions


5- When to go
In general Japan is a rainy and highly humid country.  Japan has very varied climate temperatures owing to its extended geographic location.  Japan’s long latitudinal shape experiences similar climate conditions to the eastern United States. This time of the year, March to May, might be the best time to travel to Japan. Tourists also come to Japan during this season because of the beautiful cherry blossoms that Japan is so renowned for, from March until April, this is also the best time to visit Tokyo city.  Plan your Japan vacation with Japan itinerary planner.


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Chicago City break This Weekend 2017

Touring 24 hours in Chicago covering major tourist attractions will ensure that you visit this Windy City time and again. It is known to contain several world class attractions, which is witnessed by tourists all across the world on a regular basis.

Proper planning is necessary in order enjoy a great holiday for sure. Spending your weekends in a titillating is best possible after you consider the best options available for you in this regard. Here are some of the best attractions in this city located close to the city center. You may create your travel itinerary and add these attractions in your itinerary for your memorable trip.
  • Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum
  • Brookfield Zoo
  • Chicago Cultural Center
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
  • Places to visit and see in Chicago
Several attractions of international prominence need to be covered in this city because of the widest range available for you. Categorizing the attractions on the basis of availability such as Historical, Scientific and Natural will ensure that you organize your tours properly.

Fine Arts Building-
Art lovers from far off locations of the world congregate at this palatial Chicago building in order to celebrate major arts festivals. Fine artworks from celebrated artists are put on display at this location. Perhaps, finest display of architectural styles is produced in this building.

DuSable Museum of African-American History-
This historical located in Chicago central location is best known for the fusion art displayed encompassing African and American cultural barriers in a significant manner. As part of your Chicago Day trips lately, prefer rare artifacts of vintage importance found at this location.

Restaurants in Chicago for Best Cuisines-

Eating in one of the luxury restaurants offers you a royal feel, which you could never forget that easily. International cuisines are served with best hospitality as you get to munch upon those unique delicacies that you must have not tasted ever before.

312 Chicago-

This posh restaurant best known for serving popular Italian delicacies provides best features to the customers in terms of nutrition and hygiene as well. The Loop is one of the popular neighborhoods in the locality because of which this restaurant has become more famous.

Adobe Grill-
Located in the midst of Lincoln Park for convenience of tourists, it is because of the Mexican dishes served here with enough warmth because of maximum intensity. Tourists enjoy their Chicago Holidays with best food served here besides obtaining maximum care.

For more information on planning a trip to Chicago , you need to go through travel websites in detail.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Latest Travel Updates About - London 2017

1- Three women to travel from Coimbatore to London to pitch for women empowerment

COIMBATORE: As a part of Rotary Literacy Mission Campaign, three women have started their journey from Coimbatore, covering a total of 24 countries and concluding at London.

Starting from yesterday, the trio would be covering a distance of 24,000 kilometers.

The women will be driving 500 kilometres everyday.

 Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil-nadu/2017/mar/27/three-women-to-travel-from-coimbatore-to-london-to-pitch-for-women-empowerment-1586432.html

2- London Marathon 2017 travel guide: Road closures and best stations

London Marathon

The London Marathon is coming up on Sunday April 23, and as it’s one of the largest mass participation events in the world, there’s going to be a fair bit of travel disruption - but don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the road closures.

Source: http://www.barkinganddagenhampost.co.uk/sport/athletics/london-marathon-2017-travel-guide-road-closures-and-best-stations-1-4957107

3- Reason to Visit London -
London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and is the largest metropolitan city in the entire UK. The city is located on the river Thames and its history dates back to the Romanian settlements here. London is a leading global city with strengths in commerce, education, arts and entertainment and it is also the world’s leading financial centres. London has the world’s largest airport and lot more attractions that flourishes London tourism industry. London also has the largest concentration of higher education in the entire Europe. So plan a trip through trip planner the help of travel website.

4- Travelling over the Easter Period ?

5-  London Travel Video -

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGgrSKNa4Lk

14 Hot New Global Restaurants For 2018

Here are 14 additions to the culinary must-try list for those keen to get in first at the hottest tables around the world. 1. La Rambla, ...